5 Reasons to choose House share student accommodation

5 Reasons to choose House share student accommodation

Fed up of landlords, contracts and deposits?
Find an easier way to live the London life and move into a share student house share accommodation where you have the freedom to live life the way you want without the hassle…..
Here are five reason why choosing a house share accommodation is the right choice for you:

1) Price

The great thing about renting a room is that you just pay for the room, for the weeks you stay! Not the entire house, no bills, no cleaning charge, no other charges!…Therefore it is much more affordable that renting an entire place for yourself. You can even flex your budget depending on what room you choose and even cut costs on travel as most of our house share accommodation is centrally located in Zone 1 and 2 saving travel costs

2) Location, Location Location

Since most of our house shares are very centrally located in zone 2 of London, this offers you the great advantage or being quite close to the university or school you attend which are easily accessible within a short bus, tube or train!

3) New Friendships

Let’s face it… who doesn’t love making new friends?
When living in a shared accommodation, you get to meet new fellow students from different cultures and make new long lasting friendships. After that the list is endless…. You can share the wifi, a pizza or even have get togethers! Not forgetting that you all can do your school projects together and share skills too…

4) The Hidden Perks

Okay so you are thinking that a house share just involves renting a room and that’s about it… Not exactly….
Apart from the room, you get many other benefits too… Fresh bed linen, Free Wifi, Cleaners once a week, Shared keys to the house, the comfort of being able to do your own cooking in a fully equipped kitchen, a common area with TV and a garden in most houses if you enjoy sitting out in the sun or even having a BBQ party with your house mates.

5) The Hassle-Free Option

With house shares offered by Hosts International, we don’t charge a deposit and moving in is as easy as pie! Most shared accommodation options go through a lengthy process of registration, deposits, contracts and the rest of it. With us, it’s easy and the sooner you get settled, the happier we are…..
Check out our house share options which are located in the Surrey Quays and Canada Water area of London.
All offering:

  • Houses with over 5-8 bedrooms each
  • Ensuite room options on request
  • Common room with TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Washer and Dryer for laundry
  • Garden Area in most houses
  • Free Wifi
  • Cleaners once a week
  • No Deposits
  • Within 30 mins to Central London
  • Experienced Accommodation Managers to assist with all property related assistance
  • Emergency Line for 24 hour assistance

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