COVID-19 and Quarantine Homestay Experience 2021-05-11T19:33:53+00:00

At Hosts International, since March 2020 since the first national lockdown, we remain open. Contact us by email or phone 0207 734 4884. We have continued working to provide essential support services to our hosts, students, parents, guardians, agents and school partners. We have kept abreast of the developments in the pandemic which you can see in our Covid-19 policy document. We have developed a successful, safe covid secure homestay accommodation package which you can see in our Quarantine program. We have continued to risk assess our hosts and have availability to place students into safe, vetted homestay environments across the UK. We are offering special, fully flexible Covid terms and conditions, please enquire. We continue carrying out virtual visits of our hosts. Our teams have been working remotely and our telephone lines are still available to reach us on. We have continued to operate our out of hours emergency line. To sign up to our regular updates please email If we can be of any assistance with student accommodation services, we are here for you.