Executive Accommodation

These families offer the same range of services as standard and superior accommodation and are all in zone 2 of London with a short journey time to the chosen college or university. We do offer some homestays in central London (zone 1) but please note that zone 1 is mostly a commercial area where there are fewer host families. In a city such as London, travelling to work or school is generally undertaken by tube or bus and 30-45 minutes is the average journey time. Executive homes are the highest priced homes due to their location but given the logistics of London, size is of a premium, meaning that centrally located homes are mostly smaller apartments.


With every family, you can be assured of:

  • A private bedroom (May be Single, Double or Twin) You may request a twin shared room if you are two persons travelling together who wish to live together
  • A bedroom with natural light, with an adequately sized bed (Bunk beds may be used for under 18 year old students)
  • Adequate Heating and Lightning
  • Adequate hanging and drawer space and storage for clothes
  • A table/desk and chair for study in your room
  • Laundry access once a week
  • A key to the house (for Adults only)
  • A change of towels and bed linen weekly in keeping with the family household routine
  • Daily access to bathroom, with bath or shower
  • Use of the family home
  • English as a main language spoken in the family home


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