Finding a Homestay in London

Finding a Homestay in London

London can be considered one of the most expensive cities to live in the entire world. Finding access to affordable accommodation where you can feel welcome and at home can be difficult if you only have a small budget to work with. One of the best solutions you can use to save money and immerse yourself in the culture of London is to stay with a host family.

Whether you are a student, traveller or business professional, you could consider the idea of staying with a host family to enjoy the full immersion experience of London. These are welcoming environments where you can stay with a family that’s knowledgeable of the area. You can a comfortable environment where you can thrive with a support network.

Even though London is a large city, it can sometimes be a lonely place for students and visitors during a long stay. During your time at UCL, Imperial College, The University of London or any other institution, staying with a host family can help you feel supported during your time in London and with the feeling of a real family network.

As well as offering benefits to feeling more at home in London, you can work at getting to know real London residents and forging friendships. A host family stay is very different from a short term rental or hotel stay. It offers the perfect chance to see a different side to the city. All host families in London are properly vetted and matched through the agency. This ensures that you get one of the best matches for your stay with a family that you can get along with. Contact us today to learn more about our program for host families in London.

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