Meal Plans

Meal Plan

Meal-PlansOur families offer Bed & Breakfast (BB) or Bed, Breakfast & evening meal (HB). The bed & breakfast package includes a continental style breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, tea/coffee etc. Half board includes continental breakfast and a cooked dinner consisting of a main course of meat/fish with pasta/ rice/vegetables/salad followed by a dessert or yoghurt or fruit.

Meals are usually eaten with the family unless otherwise arranged and special diets such as vegetarian, halal and other requirements can be catered for; please specify these at the time o fyour accommodation request.

We also offer a self-catering option, where students can prepare their own evening meal, in line with household rules and timings. The students will be given storage space in the kitchen/fridge for their own food and drink for breakfast and evening meal.

For group accommodation, our families also offer Full Board, which includes three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Half Board with a packed lunch containing a sandwich, fruit, drink, and a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate.



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