A note from Peter Brown, Director, Hosts International

A note from Peter Brown, Director, Hosts International

With warm wishes this Christmas, I thought it was time to touch base after the summer and year passed, to thank you all for the business we have done together and the successes that we have shared together over the past year.

We have, as recently as last week, had our full inspection with the British Council which was a rigorous affair; very constructive but a real handful as we are now operating in 20 cities around the UK and in Dublin so it meant a much wider inspection. We are thrilled to have received continued registration for a further four years and now carry the following registration with the British Council:

Hosts International ltd, meets the standards for registration with the British Council as a provider of homestay and student house accommodation for adults (18+) and under 18s for accredited providers in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Northampton’

Having completed the inspection, I thought I would tell you officially all about our recent moves around of some of the personnel that you will be working with as your daily contacts and product managers.

Roberto has taken over the groups team and its three assistants and, after a few years in transport and managing the Individual student team, he has moved to groups to bring a new eye on this very important part of our business.

Lavinia has taken over as the head of QC/quality control for our family base for compliance and for new homestay recruitment. She has a team of three who all have specific in-house duties and she also has a team of house inspectors to visit new hosts and to do all the time-scaled revisits.

Fran, who was Roberts number two, has taken over as manager of our individual students team and this is a well-deserved promotion. She has three people working and supporting her.

Our London house share continues to be successfully managed by Jessica along with a number of out of London cities.

Our out of London locations managers; Mona at the helm of Dublin and Aneta who manages our newer locations in Cardiff and Liverpool amongst others and our new divisions of pathway students and independent sixth form and guardianship students and young learners into homestays. They work with a team of three as well.

This is, of course, the core mainline contacts you have and all our other busy worker bees form the support teams to other operations acting as booking officers.

We would be delighted to see yourselves and or your operations staff in our offices here to see just how we work and to see how our registration with the BC really does benefit your locations.

Finally, I would like to personally thank you for your business this year so far. We appreciate every booking and never lose sight of how proud we are of our client bank and just how much we care for each and every one of you.

With warm regards


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