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Manchester Accommodation

The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has always been an important city in the UK. It is famous for the production of textiles, the sound of Britpop, the success of two premiership football teams and is now home to the BBC. The city offers a vibrant nightlife, exciting restaurant scene and a number of trendy cafes. It has a reputation for being a very friendly, welcoming city and holds a yearly International Festival as well as many Christmas markets.

Fun fact: The city’s emblem is the bee because the people who live here (the Mancurians) are seen as the worker bees of the country.

Accommodation for students

  • Single rooms
  • Twin rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • Bed and breakfast (BB)
  • Bed, breakfast and evening meal (Half Board – HB)
  • Bed, breakfast, evening meal and packed lunch (Full Board – FB)
  • Laundry Facilities – Once a week
  • Wireless internet available on request

We offer both standard and superior homestay options.  


These homestays are situated within 30-55 minutes of the city centre with good transport links, and the cost of a daily ticket is approximately £5-£6. Standard homestays combine reasonable prices and quality accommodation in a convenient location. Superior homestays are available on request. These homestays are situated in more desirable locations of Manchester, the home itself may be larger or of a higher quality. Superior homestays can provide a dedicated bathroom for the students, or a shared bathroom with one other student of the same gender, or shared with the family. 


We can arrange airport transfers for you. Please see our Transfers page.