Standard Accommodation

These families are situated in a suburban location mostly in zone 4 of the London underground network and most homes are large with gardens and offer good transport links to the city centre. Families offer Bed & Breakfast (B+B), Half Board (HB – breakfast and evening meal), B+B with use of kitchen, Full Board (HB with packed lunch and self-catering) and SC (self-catering). The student has full access to the house as a family member and there is a laundry service available. Many students who wish to live within 30-45 minutes of the very city centre find this package ideal. In general terms, homes in outer London zones 3-4 offer larger family homes and better accommodation. Therefore, the majority of overseas students find this package ideal as it combines reasonable prices with quality.


With every family, you can be assured of:

  • A private bedroom (May be Single, Double or Twin) You may request a twin shared room if you wish to share the room with another person travelling with you.
  • A bedroom with natural light, with an adequately sized bed (Bunk beds may be used for under 18 year old students)
  • Adequate Heating and Lightning
  • Adequate hanging and drawer space and storage for clothes
  • A table/desk and chair for study in your room
  • Laundry access once a week
  • A key to the house (for Adults only)
  • A change of towels and bed linen weekly in keeping with the family household routine
  • Daily access to bathroom, with bath or shower
  • Use of the family home
  • English as a main language spoken in the family home


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