Hosts International: Managing Student Expectations of Homestay Accommodation

Hosts International: Managing Student Expectations of Homestay Accommodation

As the number of international students travelling to the UK continues to rise, Hosts International are experiencing increasingly high demand for their homestay accommodation which we are pleased to be welcoming and accommodating in their hundreds!

In order to continue progressing and providing a great experience in this way, it’s becoming ever-more important to manage student expectations of what a homestay really entails.

Understanding the diversity of host families

One key expectation to address is the diversity of hosts and their lifestyles. Based on feedback, many students arrive not expecting host families to come from different ethnic backgrounds. In fact, with the UK being such a multi-cultural place, families may be white British or come from other ethnicities. Their economic backgrounds and household setups may also vary – hosts might be retired couples, single parents, or families with children and pets. Even things like the standards of cleanliness, laundry routines, and meal and meal times may differ from a student’s own culture. However, as long as English is spoken in the home and students go in with an open mind, this cultural integration is all part of embracing the UK homestay experience. Students should be open minded and adapt to the homestay experience.

Adapting to the UK homestay lifestyle

Rather than viewing these differences as negative, students are encouraged to adapt to the authentic British lifestyle their host family follows. For instance, homes in the UK tend to have carpets rather than wooden floors due to the colder climate, and central heating is regulated to run at set times morning and evening. These kinds of things might be alien to an international visitor at first, but having an appreciation and acceptance for these cultural distinctions is vital for an enriching homestay experience.


As an industry, we need to work on educating international students, parents, and agents about what to reasonably expect from a host family. By aligning expectations upfront, Hosts International can continue providing high-quality homestay accommodation that facilitates cultural immersion and positive experiences for students and hosts alike.

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