Are we and our team ready to return to the office?

Are we and our team ready to return to the office?

We have seen a shift in employee behaviours over the past 14 months and many businesses are finding a gap within their company’s culture where people have lost their way. We all know that it is crucial to have good staff behind us, but how do we achieve this in this new era of business which has undergone so many changes so rapidly? Some employees may be returning to the workplace following a prolonged period of working from home or being furloughed. People are coming back to a whole new working environment, often with different ways of working. Many workplaces have adopted a new hybrid working practice, offering a combination of office/site based and work-from home, which itself can be a challenge to navigate and implement for both staff and employers requiring a whole new level of flexibility on all fronts. Fear is still a big factor for some. Many still face personal health challenges, perhaps they have been shielding for all of this time, are yet to have their Covid-19 vaccination, or are highly anxious about increased social interactions after such a long time in relative isolation.


The Psychological effects cannot be underestimated. These could see a change in performance, work ethic and personal wellbeing.

We all need to, and have tried to establish new ways of working within our businesses to help get the most out of our team. We must not forgot those, including ourselves, who have kept going throughout the last year.

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