Message from Peter Brown, Director

Message from Peter Brown, Director

peter brown - directorIt’s been a year like no other that I can think of in my many many years of working in the industry for the last 25 years at Hosts International. This year has been like no other, perhaps the most challenging personally and professionally.

For many years, HI has been a known name, a quality, service driven accommodation provider to leading schools, colleges and the EFL industry accommodating international students in safe and secure accommodation options. This year with the grave impact on travel and tourism, our industry has taken a beating. Yet, the resilience and kindness from our working teams at Hosts International, our homestay hosts, our partners that we have witnessed this year have left us very humbled and grateful. The sense of community from our hosts as well as our partners, without which we couldn’t have existed and thrived over all these years and survived even to this day, I must send my heartfelt thank you to everybody for continuing to support us.

We don’t want to continue sending and bombarding you information about ever-changing tiers and lockdown, you will be seeing plenty of that, but be reminded we are living through the pandemic and most things are out of our hands and out of our control. So instead, we will take a moment to count our blessings for what we have and wish everybody the happiest of holidays, Christmas and New Year and look forward to prosperous 2021 and hope that New year brings more positive news.

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