Reminders and tips on staying motivated during lockdown

Reminders and tips on staying motivated during lockdown

In the day and age of Zoom classes and online education, studying at home while keeping yourself motivated is an effort. In these strange times, many students are finding it difficult to concentrate and get things done without being distracted by social media, binge-watching and without your peer support group or campus access.

One of the most important factors that contribute to a productive day is to acknowledge what motivates you and take crucial steps to build your knowledge and energy throughout the day. The idea is to make yourself feel content and energized whilst studying from home in a UK Homestay but having the willpower to keep at it diligently through these uncertain times.

Let’s go through some basic steps that will help you reduce your ‘study from home’ experience enabling you to stay motivated during the lockdown.

Create your own study space

Make a space only for your studies. Sounds basic but has a lot of truth. A dedicated space means creating a space for concentration. Keep it tidy, organized and make it your own. Keep little notes on your desk which break down your daily tasks and work through them in an efficient manner. When its time to take a break, simply move away from your designated space and relax. Once you fit into your own study space, you will enjoy the experience in a much better way. Talk to your host family/homestay host for a quiet area which isn’t being used much and make it your own.

Break down your goals

When you are away from home, in a new country, away from family and stuck in a lockdown, your study goals can start to weigh you down and feel enormous. Break it down and start your day by listing small goals that will help you reach the bigger goal. Assign yourself tasks that you can manage and accomplish so you get a sense of productivity. Distribute your day into small sections so you are able to meet deadlines with ease. When staying with a host family, remember not to forget to talk to your homestay host during tea time about British tradition and culture or schedule that zoom call with your family miles away!

Communicate with clarity

The biggest aspect we are all missing during this lockdown is our friends. Your study group are your very own set of peers you talk to about your exams or go partying together. Start having small peer-to-peer discussion groups and ask each other for help and plan to study together. Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed! Also remember to talk to other members of your homestay family such as children of your host parents and study together with them. You never know what you could pick up and learn and vice versa! Knowledge is to be shared after all!

Switch off social media

Okay students, we know this one is almost impossible to do! However where there is a will, there is a way. Study time is only for studies and your own study style is unique to you. We all know how we can get distracted by that one Facebook or Instagram post and keep scrolling for hours. The best way is to stay away from social media whilst focusing on your studies. Ask your homestay host to help you remind yourself that study time is serious and perhaps even make some delicious tea-time treats for you as a reward for sticking to what matters during study time.

Remember whilst it is hard being away from your home country and family and living in student accommodation with a UK Homestay or shared accommodation, all it takes is the little things to keep you motivated. A simple stroll in the garden of your current homestay, a wander in the park, a little bit of gardening in the sunshine, a live webinar of a British museum or a cultural activity you can follow online or simply talking to your host parents. Talk to them for inspirational ideas and make the most of your study experience during lockdown.


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