Eight reasons to become a Homestay Host

//Eight reasons to become a Homestay Host

Eight reasons to become a Homestay Host

“Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care”

The joy of hosting invites a world of opportunities into your home!

Here are the top eight reasons to start hosting:

1. Earning an extra income

A little extra income never hurt anyone. Hosting provides the ideal opportunity to let out that spare room and get rolling! Becoming a homestay host not only invites your home to global students but also your bank account to that additional income in the comfort of your new home. It’s easy, it’s tax free and a great way to earn some money.

2. Inviting the world into your home

One of the main benefits of hosting students from all around the world is you get to enjoy a variety of cultures, meet new and interesting people and exchange great stories from across the world. It expands your horizons and allows you to explore new cultures. Besides, if you meet a great student, who knows, you can make a visit to their home country too!

3. Enjoy the company

Once you start hosting, there will never be a dull moment in your life. You enjoy chatting and exchanging pleasantries, weekend shopping, sharing events about your day with each other, having a meal together and basically look forward to sharing each moment with each other. After all, the student is now a part of your family!

4. Becoming a host parent

Since you will be hosting students from across the globe, you will be known as the “host mother” or “host father” whom the students love to communicate with and trust immensely. The joy of being a parent to young adults is even easier. They appreciate you taking care of them in a new country and welcoming them into your home. You are their “host parent” away from home. What more could you ask for?

5. Extended family

If you would like to introduce your children to different cultures, this proves and ideal way for your kids to spend time with a new friend in the home. The new students become your extended family, and this works for your children as well to enjoy the company and make new friends.

6. Flexibility

Hosting is about welcoming people into your home as and when you please. This means that if you have a family holiday planned, a work trip or any other commitments you can simple press pause on your hosting preferences and take a break and start again when you wish. Its flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and meet your schedule.

7. Being able to choose

Usually hosts can choose from a variety of hosting options depending on the bookings offered. You can choose to be a full time independent host, a foster carer, a self-caterer or a half board meal provider (most popular). The range of options allow you to choose how you wish to offer the hosting services. You can also host in all the locations we are present in (for example Edinburgh, Dublin, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Brighton and London).

More bookings prove ideal for more income and you can save enough to take that holiday you have been planning all year long!

8. Build a life-long bond

Once you have become friends with the new student, you develop a life-long friendship. You become pen-pals for life. Some students write back to thank you the lovely time, share moments of life events with you over time and some even invite you to their home country! It’s a friendship that crosses boundaries!

The benefits of becoming a homestay host enable you to meet interesting people, share stories and experiences and get to know the each other while making some additional income by letting out that spare room!

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